The Story of Audrey:

Out of necessity; Audrey made the brave choice of abandoning her exciting career from the travel industry, fashion & modeling and the commercial world to become a mother and then a full-time care giver for her two critically ill children.

Armed with skills she honed from her mother, she, together with her husband and children, hastily left their home country of South Africa in search of a cure for her two children. Thus began her successful catering business in their new found home-town in Baltimore, USA.

Her generous and philanthropic nature led her to founding the Robert & Claire Peter Foundation ( and support many other non-profit organizations in the area.

Her recipes are a melting pot of the taste and color of South Africa, the spicy flavors of India and combined with the influence of fine European dinners.

Her customers soon included celebrities like Colin Cowie, Paula Abdul, Tom Cruise, Jerry Seinfeld, Aero Smith, Embassies and other caterers. It also attracted the interest of the media like; ABC2 News, NBC News, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Baltimore Style Magazine and Oprah Magazine.

House of Audre - Indian Food with a uniquely South African Influence!

The House OF Audre' is a woman owned business specializing in the essence and rich heritage of South African culinary art to the Baltimore and Washington DC areas and beyond!

With the delicious combination of ingredients and spices, Audrey Peter, a South African of Indian decent, has combined the two countries cooking traditions to create what is a unique and delicious menu of products for all to enjoy. Her food will delight you and your guests and you will come back for more.

Audrey, the "Queen of Samoosas," ships her orders of frozen ground beef or vegetable samoosas around the county. Her clients include: Colin Cowie Lifestyle, the South African Embassy in DC, The Australian Embassy, Library of Congress, and many catering companies around the US. She was featured in The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Style magazine, "O" Oprah Magazine, and on ABC and NBC News.